hey - we're kind of in the middle of something here. go grab yourself a cup of coffee & check back with us in few. ok?

Welcome to Ishah 'El theatre arts - We're glad you found us!

Yes - you guessed it - we're re-building our website, and it's likely to be minimally functional for the time being while I learn Drupal & how to make it slick and smooth. You're likely to see some funky, quirky things on the pages while I work at getting it all cleaned.

Over the years we've been working on several projects online - blog(s), a wiki site for stories where others can contribute and collaborate, a forum for discussing spirituality and experimental art (yes, together as well as separate) and a members collective where we can meet one another, connect, share and work together. Offline, we've got several theatre pieces in development that will be introduced in the near future. With this site we hope to bring all of these projects together.

Come back again soon, maybe in the next 48 hours, and we'll have it - well, most of it, anyway - up and running again. Thanks for visiting!